The houses and build…

The houses and buildings that run down to the Yantra river in the ancient fortress city of Veliko Tarnovo. The narrow streets and the gradual flow of buildings are so typical of old towns that seem to have existed forever. Veliko Tarnovo was also the old capital of Bulgaria some 800 years ago and the architecture and the remnants of the palace and the numerous churches show these past glorious times as does the fortress that kept the city protected until the Ottoman conquests.
벨리코 터르노보. 오래된집들과 건물들이 얀트라강 옆으로 눕여저있다. 영원히 존재한것같이 오래된 작은거리와 건물들. 이곳에 중요성을 숨기는것같다. 800 년전 불가리아의 수도였던 이도시 그리고 오스만 제국이 500 년이라는 긴 시간동안 이도시가 함락되면서 불가리아를 지배하게된다.
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